Check out a company’s credit

Do you need to find out what sort of credit rating a company has?  Look no further then, our website contains recent company accounts for more than 3million UK companies!   Take a look at the most recent accounts of the company you are looking into.  Have  a look at its balance sheet typically companies are good for around 10% of their assets but it depends on many factors, a rapidly growint company may for example actually run out of cash if it expands too fast, known as overtrading.

A company that is loosing money can quickly exhaust its accumulated profits, so you need to consider the Profit and Loss account and in particular how much is retained in the business, a company can for example make a profit but then pay out more in Corporation Tax and Dividends than it generated in the period, leaving it with less assets at the end of the period compared with the start.

To be sure you need to take professional advice, but our site at least provides guidance in the form of free information.  If you have an accountant and are unsure of anything then you can always ask them for advice.  Sometimes a bookkeeper with experience can also give valuable insight.     There are of course companies who’s entire business model is to provide information and credit ratings, these however usually charge.

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