Why Check Company Information

There are many reasons for checking out a company, particularly as our site is free it makes sense to regularly check your customers, supplier and any potential customer or suppliers, that way you can gain useful insights into their business.

10 Reasons to check into a company:-

  1. Its Free – why not get information if you don’t need to pay.
  2. Is the company newly setup or has it traded for a long time?
  3. What sort of size is it £m’s of turnover or just a few £K?
  4. How much money do they have in the bank?  £K £millions or overdrawn?
  5. Have the directors been involved in many companies before and have any of them gone bust?
  6. Is the business growing or shrinking?
  7. Are they part of a larger Group or even flotated on the Stock Exchange?
  8. Are their liabilities greater than Assets – a sign of possible insolvency
  9. Foreign owned or UK based?
  10. Checking regularly can help you avoid unexpected problems such as insolvency and resulting disruption or bad debt.

There are many more reasons to use a service such as ours, but we hope you become a regular user, we are growing fast and adding new features all the time.   We are also a small UK business ourselves so we know the value of free information and have over the years our own experiences with problem payers and so on.



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