Portfolio Finance Director – a great alternative

Increasingly SME businesses are realising that having an experienced Finance Director on their board makes a big difference both in terms of their credibility but also as a sounding board for the future.  A good FD can bring fresh ideas and help to organise a business so that growth and profitability are both delivered.   In 2019 FD’s are more than bean counters or number crunchers they bring with them a wide network of financial advisors and contact that can be invaluable for aquisitions, fund raising debt or equity and creating a business plan that is fit for purpose.


A great alternative that has become popular over the last few years is what is known as a Portfolio Finance Director, here a FD works part time for multiple companies at the same time, this keeps the cost down for the businesses concerned, whilst still giving the access to someone with a strong skill set.  Also an SME may not be attractive to highly experienced FD as there are not enough challenges available in a smaller company, however by spreading his or her time between many businesses the challenges that are available can be maximised.


We have dealt with an organisation based in Telford Shropshire called FDcapital this is run by an experienced Finance Director who has a wide network of contacts, and if you are looking for a Portfolio FD or are own already and need more work, then we can recommend that you speak to him, he is friendly and professional and has 20+ years of experience so is a great sounding board if you need, you may also be lucky and discover that he can take you on directly as a client.


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