What is new at Reporting Accounts

It has been a while since I have updated the blog here, over the last few months we have been very busy with developing new features and services.   Our new development phase has been signed off and our developer will be starting work on this exciting new phase from this week onwards.


Meanwhile some great news our Reporting Accounts Android App is now live on the Play Store.  We see this developing into a customer channel all of its own.



Apps have grown hugely and as, the only way to find Android versions of them is via the Google play store, then we anticipate a great deal of interest from app customers and prospective users via their searching for business informational apps from within their play store accounts.


Another exciting development is our Reporting Accounts Firefox Search Engine plugin.  We are now an official firefox addon, users of firefox of which there are millions can now select Reporting Accounts as a search option directly from their search tool bar.



That is a real feather in the cap of our developers and a big thanks for all those involved in pointing this feature together and making such a great and cool feature available to the millions of Firefox users directly.


Now if that wasn’t exciting enough we also launched our own Reporting Accounts Google Chrome extension which can be found on the Google Chrome Store.


So no news items then three fanastically exciting items come along all at once in a single blog post!  We also have an IOS app close to completion so very soon we’ll be in both the iStore and the Playstore covering all of the major app market places.


Congratulations to the two dev teams for all their hard work in these areas.



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