The benefits of researching job applicants and their CV’s

Our team have produced a handy infomatic panel this week which very nicely illustrates the benefits of using Reporting Accounts on a daily basis to monitor your suppliers, competitors and just about anyone you plan to start working or dealing with.  It can even be a way of researching the background of prospective employees, by reviewing how the businesses they worked in performed.


I spoke with a customer last week who could not thank me enough, he had been considering recruiting a new sales director and had heard from the candidate how he had grown the sales of the businesses he had been involved with over the last 15 or so years.


On drawing down the accounting information from Reporting Accounts he was surprised to see that in the last three companies the candidate had worked in sales had fallen year on year every year for the last dozen or so years.  That prompted him to actually speak to people with the companies the guy had worked with, and no surprise a very different picture of sales underperformance was then revealed.


The customer moved on to find a new candidate and all has worked out well for him.


Recruitment agencies are now also making use of our services to  positively vet candidates, in the UK Companies house records the dates Directors were appointed and this is a then a great way to compare that information to the CV’s put forward by candidates, even Director level applicants have a habit of smoothing over dates to flatter their CV’s or Resume’s.


Traffic has been growing steadily throughout 2019 and we are excited to be starting work on Phase II of our sites development, which will in time include some great features to help recruiters better match up Director service dates and will also include some great new graphs and other very useful information.   We see great benefits in the recruitment space for our service and our development team is busy working on this and many other great new features.  Check back soon to see how Reporting Accounts is better than ever.


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