Wikipedia references

Wikipedia is a great site, with millions of pages of useful information it is read by user all around the world and created by crowdsourcing the knowledge and insights of 10,000’s of volunters, the idea is amazing and it does not run advertising either which is all the more remarkable.  The site is used by students learning about topics and by families looking for knowledge.  Due to the sheer size of it there is knowledge within it covering just about ever topic known to man.  Plus it is growing fast.


Happily several kind wiki editors have included a growing list of references to Reporting Accounts, that makes sense as often pages on Wikepedia or wiki as it is more generally known refer or discuss companies or organisations in the UK.


GlamSci for example is a provides educational support to promote STEM fields for disadvantaged groups and minorities around the UK and internationally.


Accounting Today kindly references us as our site contains a huge amount of Accounting information on the more than 4.1 million registered UK companies.

We’ll continue to monitor wiki and report on new listings as we pick them up.  Links from wikipedia are no follow which means they don’t count towards your search engine scoring however there are always direct visitors who come through such referral links meaning their traffic is very targetted.


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