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We are all familiar with the providers of PC antivirus software, the main players being, McAfee, Norton and Kaspersky, they each offer a website security certification service. Getting their website security certificate is a valuable credential for your website.



The public are aware and have first-hand experience of hackers and viruses, they know the importance of having up to date anti-virus, the major brands all advertise on TV and have their software on prominent display in places such as PC World, so their brands are trusted in that respect.


Having these outfits regularly scan and certify the security of your site, is therefore a plus, if your brand is not known to your users, then having the reputation of the above providers associated with your website and business is a plus, and one which may give your prospective buyers the confidence to proceed with a sale and check out on your website.


How to Register with each one

McAfee – download their app and follow their instructions.


Norton – Visit their website and submit your site for review.


Kaspersky – create an account on their site and submit your website for review that way.


Additional benefits

McAfee has a directory of secure sites, so you may get traffic from customers looking by category and searching for secure and trusted providers, there is always the bonus that a backlink from a highly trusted site brings trust and credibility via their Trust Rank algorithm that Google uses. Note that these links may be Nofollow so the benefit varies between provider.



Kaspersky has a first-class security product; its reputation has however been somewhat compromised by allegations that it shares its data with the Russian State. It has been trying hard to recover from this, but you need to form your own opinion on that issue and check the up to date position.



Getting your website certified is a good idea and can only benefit your website, particularly if your brand does not have an established international reputation.


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