Web 2.0 Properties as a means of getting your name out there.

There are now almost a whole world of web 2.0 properties around the internet,  it is amazing how they spring up and develop, it is however no longer good enough to simply setup an account make a single post, walk away and expect great results in terms of visitors, traffic or other benefits,  now it is like a lot of things in life, you have to work at them, and hard work it is also.


Ok the basics are easy enough, setup an account, create great content and submit it.   But the missing piece in this web jigsaw is how to take an account like that and turn it into a useful web assets.


The steps are:-

  • Add images and videos so the content is more attractive, this engages visitors more, catches the eye in thumbnails and generally improves the user experience, that is noteworthy because time on page, bounce rates and other user metrics are now an important aspect of how Google and other search engines rate pages, and indeed whole websites for that matter.
  • Next you need to build up your reputation on the community concerned, that means contributing regularly, adding likes or following others and commenting on other peoples posts that is related to your own.
  • In this way your interlinking and thereby your reputation improves
  • Google also has what is known as a crawl budget which means it limits the amount of pages that a site gets indexed based on how authoritative the site is overall, a strong site will carry a lot more content that a weak one.  But even strong sites have limits and therefore you need to get your profile and post rated, made sufficiently interesting that they deserve to be within the crawl budget rather than outside of it.
  • The sort of posts that are more likely to perform – are longer ones, well written one, interesting ones and ones which naturally accumulate links to them from other reputable places.

We are working on a few properties at the moment.

  1. Medium – this is a very well respected place full of rich and high quality content from a wide range of talented authors.
    1. Example of our posts include – Autoenrolment and UK pensions. This covers the UK pension regime
    2. Another is about moving the UK to a high pay economy – which is a policy I personally fully support
  2.  Bloglovin – this is another strong place which seeks to combine some of the aspects of an RSS aggregator with those of a blog platform
    1. I have a few great posts there – Why pay for UK data
    2. Monitoring your suppliers helps reduce bad debts
    3. Benefits of using a company formation agent – and there are many good reasons to do so.
  3. BoredPanda – This is a fun place to be involved in.
  4. Github – A more technical place but nevertheless well respected.

I’ll continue to update this post as I develop my web2.0 expertise and of course I will share that with our readers.



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