Strongest sites

Having a link or two from some of the strongest sites in the world is not a bad idea!  There are not many sites which are rated in this way but a few are.  One of these is know as Behance, its a showcase site for creative work, which can be photography, graphic design or any number of web based design type innovations.  Some of the work on their is tremendous, I am only an amateur so I can’t hope or could never compete with some of the World class guys and girls there but I do have a small presence which I am sort of proud of.


Slowly I am expanding the collection within my account on Behance here


My work can be found here – scenes from Bermuda


Plus I have a collection I am building upon the work of others who I follow and like etc.


The great thing about this site is that just by being part of it you get associated with quality and that can never be a bad thing.


I’ve yet to get traction in the form of visitors from there, but I do enjoy contributing and putting a bit back as they say, I’ll let you know if my presence there turns to my advantage.


In the last few months I have moved by focus to be on just the top sites around the world, those with great reputations such as Medium where I also have an account and a good number of posts already.



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