Social Media a great way to get attention

Social media is growing at a huge rate, but as usual I am behind the curve with it trying to catch up, what I learnt yesterday is that Moz uses social media penetration as part of their Moz scoring factor, which of course follows Google’s pattern also, to date I, like mostly everyone has focussed on the main stream social media platforms because that is what everyone doesn.  However digging into my social media plugins there are now a huge number of fun, attractive and interesting platforms to choose from.  I am slowly therefore expanding the range of social media I am engaging with, its fun and at this stage I am not so sure these minor platforms will get enough traction but its fun.


So here goes.


The main players, remain of course:

Facebook – where we have had a dedicated page for more than a year which can be found from the footer of every page on this site.


Twitter – Likewise this is huge and has gotten a lot better over recent years.


Google +1 – seems to be a rumour that this is going to be shut down, that would be a shame but whilst I routinely add +1 posts I’ve never gotten any real traction or traffic from them, so that probably explains the potential close down.


Linkedin – the leading professional networking and CV site, doubles up as a social sharing platform.


Reddit – this is well established and a while ago refreshed themselves so they are very much in the mix again.


Pinterest – though this is pic focussed and not post focussed.


Now onto the challengers, the new sites that are growing fast and are the ones I am working on.


Mix – I only started using this today, but already I picked up 4 followers and found 155 people and profiles to track, it has a nice look and feel, clean and easy to use – plus has some similarities to Bloglovin, the blogarama template I use a lot on my blogs and also the ideas/concept I have in my mind for my Blog RSS aggregator – I am still working up a name/brand for that bloggedery is a bit clunky but sort of conveys my idea.


Trello – I use this routine for collaboration but discovered today also their share feature which adds a pic with each share, not sure on the virtues of combining social media with remote shared working, but open to try it, Trello is a strong and reputable site so worthy of time and effort.  The panels with pics are the ones shared via this approach.


Google Classroom – more of Google’s attempts to be everything, this is a bit like evernote or trello, allowing teachers/lecturers to share course information with their class or group, I do some Financial training as a side line and have started using this with my group.


VK – VKontakt is the Russian version of facebook so has to be used with some care, but nevertheless it is big in the Eastern European states and fomer Soviet republics.


Plurk – struggling with this one to find how to intereact with other plurkers, I think this one is on its way out..


So there are a few news social media options around and many more growing by the day, as I have time I will return back and refresh this post and make more in the future as I develop this area, as mentioned it is important to be active on social media as that is part of the Google algo and is trackable by your Domain Authority score care of Moz




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