Shortcuts make links more manageable

We are experimenting with adding links to the websites of the some of the 4million UK companies in our database, it is a major task locating which url belongs to which company, but we are slowly making progress with it. To avoid issues with large numbers of outgoing links to an equally large number of websites, we are considering using URL shorteners.


The idea is at the testing stage at present so we are uncertain if we will roll it out etc. But the idea is a good one and has many attractions, for the moment we are trialling a selection of different url shortener provides. Here is our working list at the moment:-


Reporting Accounts




Bit do

Twitter :-


Tiny URL



Compelling Media



Once we have settled on a solution we’ll move to the roll out phase.  Our initial testing phase has proved to be problematic so at the current time we are not showing companies individual websites, its under ongoing review however and we will revisit this during 2019.



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