Reddit one of the best social media sites

I am back using Reddit after something like a ten year gap, back in the day I had some success but then things changed and I moved to different projects, but now I am back, and finding Reddit has grown, strengthened and gotten better than ever over those years.


What is great is that the community is now really good fun and very busy, as soon as I post a comment or respond to someones post, straight away a response or message comes back, and there are some controversial views on their so you have to be wary as negative votes can knock your reputation and I mean a 40% hit in a few hours if you are not careful.


Now I have the hang of it again I am slowly growing my reputation which then gets passed along to the sites I post or refer on to, its a great way of building up trust plus getting a steady flow of visitors in the process.  Apparently first page of Reddit brings massive traffic and traction to your website but I am nothing like in that league!


My account can be found here so you get an idea of the sort of things going on my sub Reddit.


There are a bunch of other Redditors who link across to me for example  German Redditor


All in all I really appreciate how strong their site is and that if I post something on there it shows up in the SERPs very fast even just a few hours.  Very few other sites I know seem to carry that much power and obviously they get crawled very intensely to produce that sort of result in the time they do.


I hope to build up my account further as I do I’ll be sure to update you all on my progress.


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