Question and answer sites are a great way to get exposure

I’ve been a member of two popular Q&A type of sites for the last two years, but over recent months I have started to increase my activity levels within them as I notice more and more referrals from them arriving to my site.


Some questions / answers I post get as many as 500 page views in a few days, so that gives you an ideas for the scale of these sites and the sheer number of visitors and users they have.


The most popular in the areas I frequent are:-


Disqus – this appears a lot in the more mainstream press – websites of national newspapers and so on.


Quora – for some reason this appears more on mid range websites and those with financial sections in them.


I like them both for different reasons, in part the differing mix of peopls on them.


One of the reasons they work so well are, because they host their answers on 1,000’s of different sites, or rather 1,000’s of sites use them as a way to host comments, so you get to pick up traffic via the vistors these third party sites enjoy in addition to the traffic they get in their own right.  It is a win win situation, of course at the end of the day the Q&A sites benefit the most but at least it is a good way to leverage some further traffic to your site as you go along.


Over the next 12 months I plan to spend more time developing this and my other sites so I’ll be pushing harder with both of these with the aim of getting better results from both.


As always I will post back shortly and update you all on my progress (or lack of!)


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