Press releases

Since 2010 and Google’s Panda filter update I have steered away from distribution type of services, the old concept was a single piece of content distributed around a large number of places.  That said I think a press release is a somewhat better than that as the destination sites are more reputable than the article sites that got all the bad publicity and gave Google cause to launch Panda, that said I think too many press releases will lead to problems.


Anyway I have tried a single one and the purpose of this blog post is to share the progress that is making.  So far so good, I’ve had a good number of referrals from the sites used and they do seems to be of a good standard.


Digital Journal – an online news service.                                         Marketplace – Financial Information

Phoenix Arizona Central – a local news service                               Daily Herald – Local paper

Post Gazette – Another online                                                             Buffalo News – Buffalo’s financial pages – The well known Search Engine                                       MyMotherlode – Gateway to California


I am interested to see if content like this gets picked up at all, my guess is that a few pages might do, particularly from the stronger sites on the list, as mentioned I had some rough times with Google Panda back in 2010 so I am not planning in doing anything like this on large scale but I feel that some exposure and if you limit these to just occassional campaigns and the links generated as a result amount to only a small % of your backlink profile then it is not any great issues.


As before though, I’ll keep an open mind and share with you my successes or not with this approach.


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