Other publishing sites

We have a network of websites in addition to Reporting Accounts, many of them are blogs but we do have two publishing platforms.  Here is some more information about them.


Article Alley – this has been running since 2008 and while having gone through a tougher time following the Google Panda update is now re-invented as a quality publishing platform, it only accepts paid authors and the annual subscription is $9.95 but that gives you the ability to showcase your work on a site with Ahrefs 70 score and a Moz score of 62 which means it amongst the most popular and strongest sites around.



Brass Kangaroo – the name is a bit off the wall, but the idea being to create a memorable name, the feedback on this site has been very good and we are seeing good growth in users and content, it launched in November 2018, so as you can imagine is only in its infancy compared to Article Alley.


We really enjoy these content platforms and it is very rewarding reading the interesting work of the large base of authors we have across these sites.  If you are looking for ways to get more exposure then please join up.





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