More respected sites now link to us

I’ve spent some time this week reviewing the marketing forums around and the web and paided special attention to Moz, for those of you who don’t know Moz is a community site of Search Marketing professional but focussed towards the higher end of the market, it also has some SEO tools which are well known in the industry,  Google used to display its own measure of the importance of a website which was called Page Rank, a few years ago this was dropped and more and more webmasters turned to Moz to get a comparable score for their websites and to evaluate the strength (or weakness) of potential partners.


I picked up that we have some really strong links, which is great of course, then a much larger number of far weaker ones, which is to be expected as there are in fact not that many really strong places around!.


Here are a few great places which link in to us.


Microsoft, the arch rival to Google have a link to us.  Which brings in a good number of visitors looking for information about one of their partners.


Open University – we run a number of courses ourselves in Telford in conjunction with the University Of Wolverhampton, but its great to get exposure for these via that partner.


A couple of less well known, but nevertheless strong and valueable links are here:-


Reality Times – this is a well respected Real Estate Journal which links to a Savills listing on site


Berrett Keohler – a strong international publisher – links to a section of our site


A smaller but still reputable finance blog linked to us also


Ted – Discover great support – kindly linked down to a HSBC page


This just goes to show how helpful it is having a site with more than 4.1 million pages are there are pages covering ever company in the UK and soon more countries, which means that we pick up good links by virtue of our comprehensive UK business coverage.


What I learnt this week is that if reputable places link to you, your own sites reputation improves which then leads to better results in the Search Engine Results Placements (SERPS) otherwise known as the results you see when you enter a query into Google or Bing.


I’ll keep researching, learning and sharing with you all as I know from the feedback I have been getting that you find this helpful.


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