Marketing data from UK company information

Our site has more than 3 million UK company details listed, that is a lot of data! All of which can be used for marketing!  We are working on new features at the moment which will allow you to use our site to build a database of potential propects to market to.


A good approach that works well for many users is to compile a list based on SIC codes – these are a type of category that Companies House uses, every new company selects themselves which category their business fits in, therefore it stands to reason that a list of self selected indentity codes will be a good database of prospects.


For example        SIC Code  41202 – Construction of domestic buildings  – the code 41202 means that the business is involved with domestic building construction, if that matches your target of companies then create a list of companies with that SIC code.


The next step is to filter the data down by Geographic area – either by County, postal town or postcode.


Remember that in the UK, there are strict rules about unsolicited Telephone calls or junk mail and breaking these rules can lead you into trouble and potentially large fines.  So take good care to check that businesses selected in this way are not listed with the Telephone Preference Service or with the post office not to receive “Junk mail”.


While you are thinking of your marketing campaign, keep in mind the importance of checking suppliers and their creditworthiness on a regular basis.


Good luck with your marketing plans and keep coming back to check our site as we are adding more and more useful features all the time.



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