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We continue to build up a following around the web, and at the same time we are active ourselves promoting our website and working with out partners to leverage the maximium exposure we can for Reporting Accounts.


This week we added a mini website to Strinkingly not had much experience with this site before but I like its templates and general usuability we’ll see if it delivers results in due course.  Our mini site can be found here.  Somewhat surprisingly they dont yet have a https version, but maybe that will come along in time.


I enjoy reading biographies and found a cool site which basically acts as an affiliate for various book sellers, none the less it is still a good site with a strong online reputatation, I have a page of my own on it now – Adrian Lawrence Goodreads. Again I have no idea if that will leverage anything (plus the link their is nofollow) however it probably does have good TrustRank hence the reason I have a link back to this blog on there.


My Reddit account is coming along nicely, I really like the direction they have taken, I used to post regularly back in 2010 or so but they seemed to be stuck at a glass ceiling at that time, great to see they have broken out of that and now have gone in a good way / positive  direction.


Another site I have taken a shine to is Bloglovin, I’ve had an account with them for years but only recently started to leverage using them.  Basically its an RSS syndication site with some Blog type features of its own, I am really thinking of cloning their concept and have started something very basic over at Bloggedery it is no where near as good as their offering, as it is just a blog with an RSS plugin but I like little sites I can experiment from.


Pinterest is always a winner for me, though you have to really build up followers on it before your pages find their way into the Google or other indexes, that said some sites are just fun to be part of even if you don’t get traffic or anything from them, and Pinterest is just one of those.


Our Bermuda Blog is really progressing, it appears on page #1 and #2 for whole loads of useful phrases, there is not much traffic as Bermuda is basically very limited phrase but nevertheless it is good to see progress!  I love bermy and it would be my dream to be back there, hopefully the progress that Reporting Accounts is making will get me back there, though I am not holding my breathe just yet!.


So it is all good progress wise.  Traffic has jumped by more than 100% in the last three months, so we just need to continue with that sort of compound growth and all will be good.


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