Kickstarter funding

I have become to prepare a fundraising effort for Reporting Accounts, we need to invest in the next phase of our development, which involves a few £K of web design and the introduction of much more granualar company data.   We also recognise that we need to broad and deepen our backlinks, we have a few hundred good links at the moment but that is no where near enough to support the 2million plus pages our site has grown to become.


If we introduce a dedicated mobile version using AMP technology that will mean millions more again.  So a funding round seems the logical way forward.  My kickstarter profile can be found here.  I already tried a funding initiative for another site Brasskangaroo but that has not taken off, hopefully Reporting Accounts will be more attractive.


As I get the campaign up and ready, I’ll update this post with the link so members of Reporting Accounts can back us financially if they wish!


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