Jobs jobs and more jobs

Our sister site as some of our regular readers may already know is a niche recruitment one which is aimed at the recruitment of Senior Finance Professionals, mostly Part Time Finance Directors in the West Midlands, Shropshire and London areas of the UK.  It really is a project under development at the moment, but we are enjoying working in this new niche area for a change.


It is also refreshing to be working with Financial Professionals as opposed to IT people who we normally deal with, though we don’t like wearing suits in our own offices, it is nice for a change to dress up smart and go and meet business people!


The niche of the Part Time FD also known as a Portfolio FD if they undertake more than one role at at a time is growing quickly and by 2020 is expected to be a £3.9billion market in its own right.  That is a lot of part time accountants for sure!


We have been developing and working on this site for only a few weeks so please keep in mind that our design team has yet to even create a professional design for it, though that will come along soon.


If by chance you are reading this blog and you are a business with private equity backing that needs an accountant or a part time finance director then reach out to the team at FD Capital today they are great and easy to deal with.



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