How to get your links to show up on ahrefs


Ahrefs is a great site which helps you track your backlinks and allows you to review the backlink profile of any target site. It crawls the internet on a huge scale but even so takes a long time to index some links.


How to get in faster

There are services which claim to get your links picked up by ahrefs, I have tried many of them and they don’t seem to work now, if they did before they don’t any longer.


Ahref anomalies

I have noticed some large sites with a high Domain score which have only a handful of pages indexed, whilst others with lower scores seem to enjoy a higher indexing rate. I suspect they favour sites with a growing backlink profile that those with a shrinking one but until I get an answer directly from them then that is uncertain.


So how to get your links noticed?

I’ve found the best way is to build up a small blog, register a domain, select wordpress and a template you like, then build up on topic content, then, using the wordpress navigation menu, create a series of pages and then use these to list the links you want to get indexed.


Ahrefs indexes the home page first, then links one click away next, then so on, until deeper content is indexed. Pages with strong internal links get indexed also. Usually therefore it is the pages off the home page that are most useful for this purpose.


You need to spend some time building up the Domain Authority of this blog, which is a good idea anyway as you can use it to link or try out ideas without having to post unwanted content on your main site.


Once you have your blog built up, then it’s a matter of using the pages from the navigation to list the links you want indexed. Seems to work a treat, it is not fast however, my own mini site takes around 30 days to be recrawled but if you add links regularly on average it takes a few weeks only to show up on ahrefs.


Are there alternatives?

I have had some success also with Reddit, but you first need to get your subreddit listed by ahrefs, which doesn’t happen automatically. Reddit can be picky about content also and if you post too often and in too overtly a promotion way, then they can knock out your account.



Ahrefs is a great tool but it does take its time to find links and can even then, take a year to find content on strong sites like Wikipedia! It always seems to get there in the end however, you can speed things up but that takes time and effort of its own and a network or at least a single strong blog which you can work with this purpose in mind.


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