Google Maps and Company Information

Google Maps are a great free feature provided by Google, and we have by now probably all seen the Google Car driving around taking its 3 D pictures of everything.

But there is another great use of this free information, which is to check out where exactly your supplier or potential customer are based.  By seeing their trading address you can make a pretty much instant decision about them.  For example a post code of NW3 6PA means the business is located in North London.


As you can see from the above Pic its a nice property in a good area but also clearly a residential type of property, whereas a commerical business operating from a tradtional office gives you a different impression completely of the potential company you will be dealing with.

We are adding Google Maps to all our lisitng, and you can select the small orange human icon to select to see the Street view.

These little piece of free information can make all the difference in your evaluation of a potential supplier or customer.

Happy investigating!


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