Google +1 a great way to get attention to your listing

Google are rumoured to be planning to drop their Google +1 feature for end users, I am not sure how much truth there is in that, but it would be a shame for sure.  Google introduced this social media feature as an attempt to grow their own version of Facebook and in response to the huge success social media was experiencing at the time.


It is a great feature, but it is mostly a bookmarking type of product and does not allow for the interaction or community feels that say Twitter enjoys, apparently it forms some part of Google’s ranking algorithm also in that activity on their platform counts as a “social signal” and that users are using social media to interact with a particular page.  I’ve not been able to use this feature to produce any evidence of such an improvement, however I always welcome customers that feel they can link back to us in that way.  Here are just a couple examples I have come across of customers linked to us in this way, and a link to my own Google +1 account.


Google + 1  from Joti Garg

Another from Farhana Rama

My own Google +1 account


If more interaction was possible this would improve the tool a lot, I like how is leading the way, its a clean simply social media tool that allows you to share your posts at the same time as following and interacting with others, that would be the best solution but it doesn’t appear that Google will take it in that direction.  Anyway all will be revealed as they say..


Google is really great as a search engine, I guess that experience and success with one online niche is no guarantee for success in all online niches, but all credit to them for trying!


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