Foreign Language marketing

Translating your website into other languages presents a number of opportunities but also issues, not least of which being are you able to handle enquiries which then arrive in the language you selected!  For a while I have been promoting Reporting Accounts in French, as my written skills are areally good, also I can speak fluent German but have yet to make the step of writing promotional content in German, though that may be the next logicial step.


A great thing about this approach is that the Search Engines such as Google treat Foreign Language content as unique even if it is a straight translation, I guess this makes sense as it is different in the way it is targetted.   Anyway here are a few examples of how I have been promoting things, I mostly use a French blog called Eklablog.


A couple of my blog posts can be found here:-



I have yet to determine if this strategy actually really works in terms of driving real traffic and delivering results, but it is an intellectual challenge and something that I enjoy so I will continue for now and report back with my findings.


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