Flickr – a great site

Flickr has been around for years but recently has improved its game, it is now much more of a community site, which means you can follow user you like and interact with them via the comments section.  The ability to create galleries and add photos from other users in them is great, it also means that if you invest time into sharing and interacting with others you can strengthen your own section more easily.



They also allow you to link back to your websites so if you showcase your work, in return you can get some exposure back to your own sites or network, given how strong flickr is that potentially means a good flow of visitors who having seen your work want to see more or find out more about you.


I’ve been developing my own profile and adding a series of collections, some my own pictures, others ones I liked from other authors, for example I have a Bermuda section, a Cuba one and a general travel one. My Flickr can be found here.


Flickr has a huge internet following and amazingly, though not surprisingly has amassed more than 2 Billion links to itself, that is some going!


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