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The university system around the world with their large and ICT literate student base means that University websites are particularly popular and full of useful and interesting information in their own rights.  In our weekly review of activity we have picked up on four recent posts.  We include links to them here as it shows how students are referencing the information with our site.


It is rewarding and satisfying to see that our website is increasingly becoming a source of information for web users to reference and make use of.  this post talks about expanding a UK business. – this is a more technical post about the significant of the sic code system the UK Government and companies house in the UK uses for the classification of businesses into types. – about the safest place to do business.


Setiweb.ssl.berkeley – Seti is a name that has passed from Academic life in the populations conciousness SETI stands for the the Search for Extra Terestrial Intelligence.  I often wonder about that, as there are more than 1 billion suns in our galaxy and more than 2 billion galaxies – that says to me that if there is life here on Earth then for sure there is also life elsewhere, how wide stread or unique we are is of course a huge unknown and unanswered question.


Anyway some great posts there, and wonderful to think of Uni Students around the World linking to and referencing from our Reporting Accounts site.


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