Business site is a great free option

If you are looking for a free place to promote your business, then we have can suggest and have had some success ourselves with Google’s free Business site tool, it is integrated with Google’s local search, so by posting content to your mini site, it gets to appear within their regular SERPS as part of any local search, so its a free way to get a little extra exposure for your site.


Our mini site can be found here, it does like all of these things need extra work and you can get an idea of the type of blog style posts available from this example.


We will only know in a few months or so if this approach is worth the time and effort to create it, but as it is currently a free feature and is available from within your Google account it really isn’t very time consuming to create and only takes a few minutes of time.


There are other free sites out there such as Wix but that suffers because it uses html5 / flash which seems to take a lot longer if at all for the search engines to crawl and understand/process.


You may also want to take a look at one of our own free publishing sites, we have  a few which we have covered other previous blog posts.


Anyway good luck with the Google mini site.


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