Building your online reputation using Web2.0 sites


The gig sites are currently full of offers to build links on web2.0 websites and their attraction is clear, in that these sites enjoy high traffic and a good reputation. Links like these help to lift your own sites reputation and Domain Authority scores. Not all of these offers work out however.



A big issue at the moment, is getting web pages indexed by Google, large sites have what is known as an indexing budget. The stronger a site is the higher a proportion or % of its content can be expected to be indexed, however with large and strong sites not all pages get indexed. Conversely large sites with low authority only find that a small proportion of their content gets to be indexed at all.


Pages that are not well internally linked are the ones which seem to suffer as a result of the above.


So if a gig creates a new account, writes content then posts it, that is not necessarily enough to get the article concerned actually indexed. If a page is not indexed then it doesn’t count in the Google algorithm towards your own sites link popularity and worse still is most unlikely to get any traffic as nobody knows it is there other than you.


So how to overcome this issue and make your web2.0 assets deliver for you?


What to do

The best approach is to ensure you get the logins for any property created on your behalf, once you have them, then you can work on building internal links to them. How to do that? See the following:-


  • Find a relevant related article on the same site, then write a useful comment that shows you have read the article concerned, but having first checked if that article itself is indexed.
  • Like or Follow interesting authors or interesting pics

Then wait a few or two and see if the above is enough to get your own property indexed, if it isn’t then you need more comments and more internal site likes, the actual number you need will vary but I have found that 30-50 of the above does the trick.


I have tested the above approach and it works well, interestingly external links from authority sites and social media sites such as Reddit don’t seem to work anything like as well. So ,it seems that the Google algorithm leans towards prioritising internally linked pages over externally linked one.


The order seems to be


  1. Well linked internal content – is indexed first and performs the best
  2. Externally linked alone content struggles to get indexed at all unless you have very strong sites to leverage with
  3. Orphan pages with no internal linked don’t feature or get de-indexed quickly.



There are exceptions of course, some sites are very strong in comparison to their size and with these, their content seems to get indexed easily. Some gigs also offer content on already long established accounts, which then have natural internal linkage between their posts. The issue here is that the whole sub account may get de-indexed if there are future content related issues.


Another tip

Using survey Monkey is another great way to get a link



Often gigs aimed at building web2.0 properties, don’t work very well, either the content created is not of a sufficiently high standard or the lack of internal links lets things down. You need to understand the bigger picture to get results.


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